The Secret To Preventing Split Ends

The Secret To Preventing Split Ends
The Secret To Preventing Split Ends

Split ends and damaged hair are caused by how you treat or handle your hair. Paying attention to the ends of your hair makes a big difference on the overall health of your hair.

This topic will help you give you ideas on how you can improve the total quality of your hair.

"Everyday handling of your hair is where the most damage occurs."

Constant styling of hair, hair that blowing in the wind and hair that is always exposed to the environment eventually will lead to knot, tangles and damaged cuticles along the length of the hair. Damaged cuticles leads to the ends of the hair splitting and breaking causing your hair to loose length.

How you wash your hair

  • Shampoo should only be applied to the roots of your hair where all of the build up and grime is located. Steps to keep your hair soft while cleansing your hair: Apply conditioner along the length of your hair, then apply shampoo to the scalp, rinse, the apply conditioner, rinse.

  • If your hair is prone to being very dry follow the steps above, then apply a deep conditioner, sit under a hooded hair dryer for a minimum of 20 minutes then rinse.

  • Do not pile your hair on top of your hair when you wash your hair! This causes tangles which can lead to damage hair!

Be mindful when drying your hair

Do not rub your hair and scalp vigorously when drying your hair. It is the easiest way to cause the most damage to your hair and hinder healthy hair growth. Try wrapping your hair in a turban type towel or microfiber towel to quickly dry your hair.

Prevent split ends when blow drying your hairFor those who choose to blow dry their hair, make sure to deep condition or apply a leave in conditioner to hydrate the hair with moisture before blow drying.

By doing this you will protect your hair from heat damage and your hair from becoming dry and brittle from moisture lost.

Build a hair care regimen for long term healthy hair growth success

Cleansing your hair is a must for healthy hair growth. By cleansing your hair you are removing dirt and product build up from the hair. When cleansing your hair be sure to focus on the scalp then work your way down to the first few inches of hair.

Always follow up with a conditioner after cleansing your hair. If you want healthy hair you must always use conditioner in your hair. Conditioners provides the moisture your hair needs therefore preventing dry brittle hair and breakage.

Split Ends Before and After
You can also oil your hair after conditioning by applying a small drop into the palm of your hair and applying the oil along the length of your hair. Oiling the hair helps seals moisture into the hair and aids with the detangling dry hair.

What about the damaged (split ends) of hair.

When trimming away split ends always use a good pair of scissors that are only used for cutting hair.

How to trim split ends

Using the scissors for anything else will only dull the scissors blades which will cut the hair poorly causing more splits to the hair. Most splits or damage on the hair occurs about an inch above the split on the hair.

The best advice is to practice properly caring for your hair and to do an all over trim periodically of about ⅛ to ¼ an inch of hair (also known as dusting the ends) every 3 to 6 months until most splits are removed and your hair is fully healthy again.

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