Is Petroleum Based Products Good for Your Hair?

Is Petroleum Based Products Good for Your Hair?
Is Petroleum Based Products Good for Your Hair?


So your at the store and trying to choose the the right product for your hair. You have heard that you you should avoid products that contain petroleum and mineral oils. The price difference between the natural products and the petroleum based products is sometimes quite a lot.

You might be wondering what can be the harm…

”It’s in the store, so it must be safe right”!!!

Hair care products on store shelves

Not so quick, listed below is just a few reasons not to use petroleum based products for your hair and or skin care.

First off here are some of the common ingredients to avoid that petroleum derived.

  • Mineral Oil
  • Petrolatum

9 Reasons To Not Use Petroleum Products:

  1. First off mineral oils and petrolatum puts a heavy coating on the hair. This makes it it very difficult to wash out. You need a strong shampoo (possibly one with sulfates... Yikes!) to clean those ingredients out...

  2. Too much mineral oil or petrolatum can and will clog your scalp pores and effect you hair growth…

  3. Because of the heavy buildup petroleum based products can leave your hair greasy.

  4. Some people complain that their scalp is itchy after using petroleum based products over a prolonged period of time.

  5. The build-up blocks out moisture and other healthy nutrients from the hair.

  6. Your hair will be more manageable once you start using products that deliver as much moisture as possible.

  7. Mineral oils and petrolatums are derived from Crude Oil...Yes the same oil that is used in cars.

  8. The benefits of using mineral oils on hair are extremely limited. It’s primary purpose as an ingredient is as a cheap lubricant and filler.

  9. Some studies suggest that its disruptive effect on the scalp could impact healthy hair growth.

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